bismillah: a very warm welcome to morocco

the surf season 2013/14 is about to start here in taghazout and we are very happy to see you soon in our beloved village. at the moment it’s still flat but the first swell is on its way!

but also on so-called “flat” days, our local surfguides know various spots to take you for a fun session. see you soon, inshallah! salah el baz & stephie ontour

sunset surf taghazout morocco - salah el baz & stephie ontour

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27 thoughts on “bismillah: a very warm welcome to morocco

  1. Reblogged this on Danny Gage.

  2. Maggie Beck

    Thanks ever so much for liking my post today and for following my blog, Tide Line Still Life. While I am not a surfer, members of my family surf, and my daughter once shaped and finished boards for Winn surfboards. Your sight is well- designed and accessible. I appreciate being led to it, and I love how small the world becomes through our blogs. Best, Maggie

  3. Gorgeous!

  4. Wonderful photos of a beautiful country. Enjoy the waves.

  5. As a frustrated surfer (live in a city, used to skateboard, moved onto snowboarding), I have learning to surf still on my to do list. I might be old to start, but someday I will learn.

  6. Tom McCubbin

    Morocco looks so gorgeous!

    Thank you for liking my blog!

  7. Erwin A. Dence Jr.

    Thanks for checking out I’ve seen photos of the surf in Morocco, and my wife actually went there once, had a great time. Best of luck (and constant swells) in your endeavors.

  8. Are you blogging from Morocco?

  9. Inshallah one day we’ll make it down there! Are you on the southern coast, near Agadir? I spent some time in Mirleft some years back but never surfed. Mabruk on your lovely site!

  10. thanks for following my blog.. are you surfer? come to Indonesia. Indonesia have a much surfing spot. such as in Lampung, there are have a crazy wave.. more crazy than hawai.. hehe

    • hey there! we have a surf school – of course we are surfers ;) we’ve spent the last 2 months in indonesia – pacitan, watu karung, bingin and so on :)

      • waw .. great spot.. last month , i have a expedition with my outdoor activity organization in university to Bukit Barisan Selatan National Park, i walk in Tambling Beach. there’re have a crazy wave. you must try.

    • cool! thx for the info – we’d love to check it out next summer, if we can. but there are just sooo many places to surf on this beautiful planet… india, sri lanka, andaman and nicobar islands, philippines, mozambique, madagascar, etc – we’ll see. but now season starts in morocco! :) have a nice time and some good surf in your beautiful country! hope to see you soon!

  11. Great info here, we could do with you in our office to help with our travel research ;)

  12. Salaam Aliekum : ) How long of a visa can one get in Morocco? I am looking at a work exchange deal, or perhaps getting a gig teaching English or something, so I can stay a bit longer than the average tourist. I look forward to surfing some waves with you, maybe next season!

    • maaleikum salam! where are you from? usually a tourist visa is available for three months which doesn’t mean you’re allowed to work here though. talk to your nearest moroccan embassy, they should be able to help you. would be cool if you could figure it out!

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