surf’s up in morocco! are you up for it? sunny apartments in a surf house in the very middle of the moroccan village of taghazout, professional surf lessons from local surf teachers, cheap airport shuttles from agadir or marrakech and guided tours to the most beautiful and interesting places around taghazout in morocco, besides surfing – we will make your surf holiday in morocco an awesome experience and you will have enough time to explore the area, its many beautiful villages and its culture by yourself. you are not in the surf camp bubble, but guidance is always just a phone call away and the surf just in front of you: panorama beach south of taghazout for beginners, hash point in the very middle of the village for intermediate surfers and anchor point north of taghazout for experienced ones. you will have the time of your life surfing the waves of morocco! see you soon for some amazing surf sessions and an awesome surf trip around the taghazout area in morocco!

surfcamp surfschool taghazout morocco

our panorama surf apartments are located in the very middle of taghazout in morocco, very near to all shops of the moroccan village, great restaurants and only a 5-minute walk away from panorama beach, where you will learn to surf! you will very soon fall in love with surfing in morocco, that’s for sure. you can book your surf lessons here, if you’re a beginner. if you’ve been surfing before and you call yourself an intermediate surfer, just visit us here and we will take you to the best surf spots in and around taghazout, exactly fitting your surf skills. there are plenty to choose from, so you will always be surfing those waves in morocco who are best for you and where you will have to most fun! if you’re close to a pro surfer, you might also want to get some important information from our local surf guides from panorama surf school about the topography of all the surf spots from anza via anchor point to tamri – and surfing in the water, we maybe can even learn something from you!

anchor point left and right taghazout morocco surf camp

you can book all the things you get in a surf camp with us, but on top you get a lot of freedom! there’s too many interesting things and places to explore than staying in a surf camp all day long. you can join us for a surf session and spend your day at the beach and in front of the best spots in morocco, if you want. the people of taghazout are very friendly and you will get to know a lot about moroccan culture. each and every day will be great, because you are not in a surf camp, you are at home! surfers from all around the world come together in taghazout, first of all to surf some of the best waves of the atlantic ocean, but also to chat, to get to know each other, to spend the day at the beach, to get some tan, to enjoy summer when it’s winter in other areas e.g. in europe, to have a great time and feel like home! surfing brings us together and that’s just great. and if kelly slater likes the surf in taghazout, hey – you will love it and you’ll be very happy you set up camp in morocco!

surf camp taghazout morocco apartment great view surf spots

our great panorama surf apartments where you feel at home are at the best place in morocco – in the middle of the surfer village taghazout! our panorama surf school has the best view ever – from there you can watch the the surfers at panorama point and panorama beach, take some pictures of your surfing friends and put them online on facebook to make your surfing friends back home jealous. just kidding. if you don’t want to spend your day in a surf camp and if you’re not keen on living in our surf house during your stay, we can also organize something else for you, maybe a beautiful surf bungalow in a camp site in morocco, a great flat share with other surfers at the beach or even a fancy hotel in agadir. whatever you wanna have, we will find it for you! you just have to keep one thing in mind when you are surfing in taghazout: everything’s possible in morocco! it might take a while, but there is always a great surf while you are waiting. and remember: you are not in a hurry, you are on surf holidays in morocco, in a great surf house in taghazout and in a great local surf school!

surfcamp surfschool taghazout morocco

don’t worry, if you’re not into surfing, there are sooo many other things to do in the taghazout area. visit a moroccan souk in agadir, make a trip to paradise valley morocco, drink a moroccan tea at a beachfront restaurant and check what’s going on in facebook, learn a little bit of arabic in a language school in morocco, visit a local hammam in agadir, ride on camels or horses while the others are surfing, do a little bit of trekking in the mountains or running in the sand. you will not get bored easily in taghazout, also if you don’t surf in morocco. but maybe you just don’t know that you would like it, so give it a try, take a surf lesson in our surf school in taghazout and have heaps of fun in the water. you will soon feel like it’s the best sport in the world! it’s so easy to get addicted to surfing, especially in taghazout with this special surfers atmosphere. we are not a surf camp, we are a surf family!

taghazout morocco surf camp village great view beach

in taghazout in morocco everything’s about surfing: every second house is a surf camp, a surf house, a surf homestay, a surf shop, a surf school or a surf hostel. on the beach, most of the guys and girls are surfing in the water, so there are more people surfing than relaxing in the sand. also on the camp sites there are a whole lot of surf busses, surf cars, surf jeeps and surf tents. it’s omnipresent and just great!

surfcamp surfschool taghazout morocco

if you stay in one of our panorama surf apartments in taghazout, you can check the swell and wave conditions from your balcony or terrace – wake up, check the waves, have breakfast, go for a surf! or skip the breakfast and have a brunch when you return to your apartment in the middle of taghazout after a nice surf session in the best surf spots of morocco just around the corner. it’s perfect for those of you who have been surfing in taghazout before and know how it works or the ones who do not want to be in a surf camp bubble in taghazout. enjoy your freedom, get to know new people each and every day, catch some amazing waves and be sure that we are always only a stone’s throw away, if you have any questions, needs or if you just wanna spend some time with us. take it easy, it will be great! visit us also on facebook and follow our blog for news, special deals and updates!

buy a ticket, surf some waves, get a tan, fall in love, never return ;)

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